Comet Diablo 2024: The exact day to see the giant phenomenon 3 times the size of Mount Everest

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Comet Diablo 2024: The exact day to see the giant phenomenon 3 times the size of Mount Everest. Learn all about this natural phenomenon that has attracted so much attention.

From time to time, natural or astronomical phenomena surprise the world and generate all kinds of speculation about them.

For example, we recently told you that the past January 3: The Earth's speed reached 110,700 kilometers per hour, its maximum speed: Did you feel anything?

However, now is the time to learn about another phenomenon that has also given us something to talk about, mainly due to the fact that for some it is a “prediction of chaos”.

Meanwhile, others hope to learn more scientifically about the phenomenon called the “Devil’s Comet,” which continues to raise speculation due to its massive size.

Therefore, today we will tell you all the details about this meteorite that will appear soon in the sky. We will tell you the time and day you will appear in heaven.

What is Satan's comet?

Did you already know that Cometa Diablo is coming out this year? Here we will explain the exact day to see the giant phenomenon, which is 3 times the size of Mount Everest.

But first you need to know that the aforementioned comet with a horrific name is actually a comet that becomes visible at least every 71 years.

It is 12P/Pons-Brooks that will appear in the sky and is given this name due to its shape; Because it is a formation of gas and ice that resembles the appearance of a celestial body with a tail and horns.

“Due to the composition of the comet’s nucleus, which contains a mixture of ice, dust and gas, astronomers classify it as a cryovolcano,” National Geographic details.

On what day will Comet Diablo be seen?

The Live Science website, which specializes in science, explained that it will be next Sunday, April 21, when the meteorite reaches its closest point to Earth.

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The comet will not pass close to Earth again until 2095, so you should not miss the opportunity. Nor, contrary to speculation, is there any sort of danger in his appearance.

How high is Comet Diablo?

Comet Diablo is just over 27 kilometers long, and Live Science magazine reported that “the celestial body is three times larger than Mount Everest, the highest mountain on our planet, by about nine kilometers.”

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