The governments of Mexico and Zacatecas publish the new public legislature for the humanities, science, and technology – Zacatecas State Government

The governments of Mexico and Zacatecas publish new public legislation for the humanities, science, and technology

  • CONAHCIT and Cozcyt promote the benefits of common law between the scientific and technological community and municipal authorities
  • They also started a dialogue with local legislators to align Zacatecan’s science and technology law with the LGMCTI
  • CONAHCYT-Cozcyt Dialogue to talk about your rights

Zacatecas, Zack, July 1, 2023. – In institutional collaboration, the governments of Mexico and Zacatecas have joined forces to spread and promote the benefits of LGMHCTI among the scientific community, municipal authorities, and local legislators.

The work was promoted by Governor David Monreal Avila and organized by a team from the Zacatecan Science, Technology and Innovation Council, chaired by its Director General Hammurabi Gamboa, which concluded with the “CONAHCYT-Cozcyt Dialogue Let’s Talk About Your Rights. The Common Law Guarantees of Humanity, Science, Technologies and Innovation.”

For four days, Cozcyt President and Northeast Regional Director of the National Council for the Humanities and Technology (CONAHCYT), Alfredo Salazar, held informational meetings, in order to explain the benefits of the new law and its purpose to guarantee the human right to science, technology and innovation.

One of the working sessions was with deputy members of the Legislative Committee on Education, Science, and Technology in the LXIV State Legislature, Martha Elena Rodriguez, Chair, and Ma del Refugio Avalos, Secretary; As well as legislator Ana Luisa del Moro, in order to make the first approaches to implementing the harmonization of state law on this issue with the recently approved federal law.

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An informational meeting was held with representatives from Zacatecas, Guadalupe, Fresnillo and Jerez, to showcase the concurrent financing of science, technology and innovation for the municipalities, which translates into postgraduate grants, support and national strategic programs from CONAHCYT (PRONACES), among others. In addition, get to know Quantum Ciudad del Conocimiento.

CONAHCYT-Cozcyt Dialogue was attended by José Alejandro Díaz, Head of the Sectoral and Regional Coordination Unit; Andrés Eduardo Triana and José Antonio Ruiz, Vice Directors of Scientific Development, Consulting and Regulatory Studies, respectively; In addition to Edgar Zayago, Professor of Humanities and Development Studies at the Higher Studies House.


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