The UK bans the use of weak default passwords


Cybercrime has become a problem affecting citizens and governments around the world, and one of the biggest vulnerabilities found in passwords, which is why the UK… Forbidden Use weak default passwords such as “1234” or “Admin” on devices connected to the Internet. In order for manufacturers to meet minimum standards for protection against Cyber ​​threats hacking, and ensuring the safety of users.

The United Kingdom proposed in 2021, within invoice For Product and Communications Security Infrastructure (PSTI), prohibits the use of global default passwords on connected devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) passwords.

This Monday it took effect New regulations It is designed to comply with consumer protection against hacking and cyberattacks, requiring connected smart devices to meet “minimum security standards” set by law.

One standard prevents manufacturers from implementing default passwords Weak and easy of speculation on Internet-connected products, as the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology explained in a statement on the government's website.

Passwords like “1234” or “Admin” can never be used again

This means that they will not be able to use passwords like “1234” or “Admin”. Internet connected devices, such as with smartphones, tablets, TVs, speakers, smart watches, video game consoles or even connected refrigerators. If a commonly used password is used, the regulations indicate that the user will be required to change it when logging in.

Thus, the goal is to enhance protection People, society and the economy from potential cybercriminals, as well as increasing consumers' confidence in the security of the products they buy and use.

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New law seeks to increase cyber resilience in the UK

The new law, which took effect on Monday, seeks to increase Cyber ​​resilience In the country, where 99 percent of adults own at least one smart device, there are an average of nine connected devices in homes.

Smart devices that are part of the home can be as well Exposed to More than 12,000 hacking attacks from around the world in one week. In total, 2,684 of them are aimed at trying to guess weak passwords, according to a study by What? Quoted from the government.

This law is part of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regime, which is designed to improve the country's ability to confront cyber attacks and ensure that “evil interference” It does not affect the global economy.

Other means of security protection

In addition, it offers other security protections, such as requiring manufacturers to release information contact information So that users and companies can be notified that errors and problems are resolved.

the Manufacturers and retailers They will also need to be upfront with consumers about the minimum amount of time it can take to receive important security updates on connected smart devices.

In addition to all this, consumers and cybersecurity experts can also report any product that does not meet the standards stipulated in normative To the Office of Product Standards and Safety (OPSS).

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