Nuclear Medicine Conference Breaks Records: Ah Chihuahua! – Chihuahua Herald

Julio Chavez, Director of the Fund, confirmed that the 12th International Conference on Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging exceeded expectations of attendance and interest on the part of the Ah Chihuahua Fund Conference Bureau.

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The official was clear in pointing out that Chihuahua remains a reference in events, conferences and conventions, as well as in national and international events organisations. “Because Chihuahua continues to surprise with its infrastructure, its hotel capacity, its air connections, its tourism infrastructure, its infrastructure and its restaurants.”

He explained that the attendance record was broken in the 12th edition. “I am thrilled that we can share this record and break the paradigm of being able to come to Chihuahua to do this. “I hope this will set an example for other event organizers who can give us the opportunity to hold their important events in the beautiful state.” He said.

He also pointed out that the organizers expressed their appreciation for the support provided by the conference office because they felt that this entity was capable of carrying out the latest activity, so that the event that would be held in Chihuahua would be a success.

This weekend, the 12th International Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging was held in Chihuahua, with the aim of qualifying doctors in the branch of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging with continuous training; In addition, it has enabled the dissemination of research on new technologies and discoveries that will help doctors diagnose and treat various diseases in a timely manner.

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Organized by the Mexican Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, with the support of the Convention Bureau of the ¡Ah Chihuahua! Fund, our state capital seeks to contribute to the identification of malignant lesions and their prevalence to offer appropriate diagnosis and treatment, as well as to improve the quality of life of patients, with fewer invasive studies.

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