The government relieves the head of the Gibraltar office

The Plenipotentiary Conference asked the government for clarification on the rapid replacement of the head of the Gibraltar office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Pablo Ruiz Jarabo, at a time they consider “decisive” after Spain and the United Kingdom had previously agreed on the rock that would lay the foundations for this region’s future relationship with the European Union .

It also provides The voice of the people And diplomatic sources confirmed to Europa PressRuiz Jarabou left this position to become Deputy Director-General of the United Nations since this position became vacant recently.

Ruiz Garabo, who arrived in the position after the untimely death of the head of the Gibraltar bureau, Antonio Garcia Ferrer, last September, will be succeeded so far by the “second man”, Mario Luis Gonzalez Bleigo, who participated in the recent negotiations and guarantees of continuity, which were highlighted by the Foreign Ministry.

For its part, the People’s Party on Monday raised a parliamentary question in Congress asking the Foreign Minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laya, to explain “what prompted this sudden change (…) at such a crucial moment for negotiations on the future, the relationship between the UK and Spain regarding the rock. “.

Likewise, popular figures ask the Secretary “why she was not replaced before Brexit” if she did not think Ruiz Jarabo was the right person to conduct such negotiations.

Finally, they ask the government how it intends to “preserve and defend Spain’s interests in relation to Gibraltar when both the administration of Gibraltar in Madrid and our embassy in the United Kingdom leave without a head at such a dangerous time”.

It is noteworthy that the Spanish ambassador to London, Carlos Bastarich, was sacked last Tuesday by the Council of Ministers, so his position remained vacant and the Chargé d’Affairs was currently responsible for the diplomatic mission.

The resignation came after Bastaric reached retirement age in November, although he remained in office awaiting completion of negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and the European Union. From the Foreign Ministry, he confirmed last week that his replacement would be appointed “soon.”

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