QR codes application affects 10 million Android users

a The app for reading QR codes 10 million Android users have been infected with malware. Although the application is named Barcode scanner Already removed from Google Play, the phones it was installed on could be at risk, according to Malware Bytes. Release.

Implementation Barcode scannerDeveloped by Lafabird Ltd., Offers service QR code reader, But After the update made on December 4th Know that it contains Malicious code Which I managed to avoid detection in the Google Play Store.

“Many users have installed the app on their mobile devices for a long time. But after the update in December, Barcode scanner It turned from an innocent scanner into an object Full of malwareExplains the document.

The behavior of the application introduced malware is to open the default web browser by itself. | Photo: internet.

How does a barcode scanner malware work?

The behavior of the malware that the app introduced was to open the default web browser By itself, without user intervention.

Malware sends the user to websites that contain ads claiming to be a problem with the smartphone and calling for downloading other harmful files, which promise to “help” clean the phone.

Barcode scanner Adding malicious code that was not present in previous versions of the application. Moreover, the added blade used significant distortion to avoid detection.

Communicate from Barcode scanner

Due to its malicious intent, malware from Application for reading QR codes Listed as A. Trojans.

Barcode Scanner has been removed from Play Store, but it’s still dangerous

although Google Play has removed the app from its storeByte malware states that This does not necessarily mean that it will be removed from the affected mobile devices.

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Until users install a malware scanner or Manually remove the application, You will continue to show ads. “

How has a QR code reading app found harmful?

From a series of reports submitted by users Barcode scanner The application was discovered to be malicious, as “they were facing ads opening through their default browser out of nowhere, and only recently installed applications came from Google Play Store“.

User by name “Anon00”, Discovered it came from a long-time installed app: Barcode scanner“, Bytes indicated malicious software.

“It’s hard to know how long it took Barcode scanner In the Google Play Store As a legitimate application before it became malicious, but judging by the large number of installs and user comments, we have suspected it has been in existence for years. ” The site indicated.

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