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Starting in November, Colombian citizens will be able to enter United Kingdom without the need for a visa Visitor or tourist.

In an interview with Portfolio, UK Ambassador to Colombia He explained some aspects of this decision.

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Since when will Colombians who want to enter the UK stop applying for a visa?

From 9 November 2022, Colombian citizens will no longer need a visitor visa for trips to the UK.

Will the decision remain on tourist visas only, or will there be the possibility of canceling visas in other aspects, such as business?

Visitor visa It goes beyond tourism: it covers visits to the UK for periods of up to 6 months where you can carry out various activities, including business and even the right to take short courses. but, For people who want to stay and workSettle in the UK or study longer courses, system Visas will be maintained At the moment there are no plans to change this.

Why was the decision made to cancel the tourist visa for Colombians?

We have been working on this process for several years, and we appreciate the cooperation and commitment of the various governments, ambassadors and officials who have made it possible. Colombia is a very important and strategic ally for us. This is the way to strengthen relations between our two countries. We realize that without the need for a visitor visa, we expand tourism opportunities, cultural exchanges, business opportunities, sports and more. We also know that we have an extensive Colombian community residing in the UK, and we are pleased that it will now be easier for loved ones to visit them without a lot of procedures.

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What will happen to people who have already applied for a visa?

Colombian citizens who have applied for a visitor visa and have not yet provided biometric data (i.e. fingerprints) can now withdraw their application and apply for a visa fee refund through. You can do this by clicking here.

With these new regulations, what paperwork or requirements must be met to enter the UK?

Since 9 November 2022, Colombian citizens can enter the UK with their passport, as well as having sufficient resources to support themselves during their stay.

What are the benefits of this decision?

There are many mutual benefits that go beyond simply being able to travel without formalities to the UK. We are fortunate to have a daily direct flight to London, which makes commuting between our two countries much easier, and we hope this announcement will encourage the expansion of air connections. In addition, with this change, we are opening doors to new job opportunities in various sectors, which generates more prosperity. Naturally, it gives us the opportunity to strengthen our relations and exchanges in both tourism and culture, in addition to enriching our already long history. It's a great opportunity to also learn about our landscape, diverse culture, sporting events and more.

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What are your expectations for the number of travelers coming to the UK from Colombia?

It is difficult to determine the amount of increase in specific numbers. Currently, we have welcomed around 12,000 visitors during the first half of 2022 and we are confident that the announcement of the cancellation of visitor visas will motivate more Colombians to travel to discover and enjoy the great offer the UK has to offer.

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How long can Colombians stay in the UK?

Colombian citizens traveling to the UK can spend up to 6 months in the country without needing a visitor visa.

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