When does Big World News, the new Tom Hanks movie, premier on Netflix?

MADRID, February 8 (@AtturaOcio) –

This Wednesday comes to Netflix News from the big world, A post-civil war adventure multioscarizado tournament Tom Hanks And take out Paul Greengrass (Borne, United 93) When will the much awaited movie premieres on the streaming platform?

With text Luke Davies (The Lion) based on a bestseller by Paulette Giles, National Novel Award winner, Noticias del gran mundo It arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, February 10 It will be available to Spanish audience from 9 am. In other countries like France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands or Sweden, which share the same time zone with Spain, will also premiere at 09:00.

An hour ago at At 08:00, The movie starring Tom Hanks will be available at Canary Islands as well as the United Kingdom and Portugal.

As for the Latin American audience, who reside there Mexico The new Paul Greengrass movie will be available from After midnight, According to the central timezone. Also in 2:00 hr Will arrive at El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Will be in three in the morning When Noticias del gran mundo is available to the public in Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia.

For those viewers who are in Venezuela, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, The film starring Tom Hanks and young Helena Zingle will be available from At 04:00

On their part, those who live in it Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil (Brasilia and Sao Paulo time) You will be able to watch the movie from five A.M.

In Big World News he plays Hanks A veteran of the American Civil War agrees to hand over a girlThe Kiowa people welcomed her years ago, their uncles against the girl’s will. They travel hundreds of kilometers and face grave dangers As they search for a place any of them can call home.

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