The G7 countries agree to abolish the use of petrol cars

It’s a reality every day The effects of climate change are more severe Because of the pollution caused by mankind. For this reason, the Group of 7 countries have agreed to a deadline Eliminate the use of gasoline-powered cars.

Eliminate the use of petrol cars

Electric cars have tax advantages | Source: Unsplash

like A way to reduce your carbon footprint left behind by the inhabitants, countries belonging to the G-7, He agreed in a series of meetings, and plans to help Eliminate the use of gasoline-powered cars And the transition to hybrid and electric cars.

At this meeting, where countries such as Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Canada and France attended, they committed Follow a green policy To counter climate change and Millions of dollars in losses caused by pollution.

Among the main topics covered, was Change from 2022 to 2040 The use of gasoline combustion cars for electric cars as well acceleration of the use of “clean” coal, In addition to supporting car companies to put aside the manufacture of this type of car.

Countries that have committed to a date

The world is advancing to use electric cars | Source: private

In addition to the G7 countries that pledged to eliminate the use of petrol cars, there were more Countries that have committed The dates for the transition to an electric vehicle model are:

  • Norway has proven that from 2025, the switch from petrol to electric cars will be a reality.
  • Denmark has stated that it will begin the transition from 2030 with the effective use of hybrid cars in 2035.
  • Together, Ireland, Israel, India, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden will begin in 2030.
  • Scotland plans to start the transition in 2032.
  • China, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Taiwan will implement electric vehicles in 2040.

for this part, Mexico has not developed a plan to move And clear incentives to move from the use of petrol cars to electric cars.

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