Tom and Giovanna Fletcher speak publicly on vacation: ‘Fatal error of judgment’

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher admit that using the licensing system was an ‘error of judgment’ (Image: GETTY)

Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna It issued a joint statement regarding reports that they had “claimed £30,000 from the government licensing scheme”.

He was said to be a famous winner and McFly star, valued at £8 million. They received up to £30,000 from the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to The Sun, HMRC’s claim history shows that they received support shortly after the author was named Queen of the Castle on the ITV series late last year.

They took up the allegations on Instagram, providing a joint statement, with the caption: ‘Hey everyone, Giovanna and I wanted to share this with you. X.’

They began, “Hey everyone, we’ve always had a very honest and open relationship with all of you here, so we thought it was really important to address the questions that some of you have asked us in the past 24 hours.”

This weekend, an article appeared in a Sunday newspaper about our use of the state’s permit system.

While parts of the article were inaccurate (including all the numbers mentioned), it’s true that we followed the financial advice to let someone hire us.

This was for a member of our team who was unable to fulfill their role due to the pandemic, and the scheme was suggested to us as the most effective way to provide them with stability and safety at work.

“Although it was a time of great uncertainty, it is clear that we should have thought more about the situation and funded it ourselves.”

They concluded the post: “It was a terrible miscalculation and one for which we are fully responsible and we have paid the full amount. J and Tom S.

Giovanna and Tom shared the same statement on their Instagram page (Image: GETTY)

The same statement appears on Giovanna’s Instagram profile, with both’s comments removed, preventing followers from responding.

Files released by HMRC last week listed more than 600,000 companies and individuals who received taxpayer support between January and March 2021.

Chamber of Companies records show Giovanna Fletcher Ltd has one employee and over £300,000 in the bank as of April 2020.

The star was crowned Annie a Celebrity last year, starring opposite Jordan North and Vernon Kay, and she was thought to be overwhelmed with shows after coming home.

It was very popular in the “castle” that experts predicted You can earn up to £4 million for a mission.

An insider began: “Giovanna’s popularity has gone beyond the celebrity ceiling and after being crowned an ITV winner, I hope you stand up for it.”

“The chiefs had a meeting where ten jobs were discussed, all of which would be perfect for her.”

They told The Sun that they see Giovanna as the next Davina McCall – she’s multi-functional and can work on anything from panel shows to children’s TV – adding that she doesn’t want to ‘rush into anything’.

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