The EuroMillions jackpot is played outside of Spain, but there is a millionaire in Asturias

he EuroMillions lottery draw It was held on Friday, September 15, with a Eurobote distribution of 54 million euros. On this occasion, two first class tickets were distributed that matched the five numbers of the winning combination and the two stars. None of them were sealed in the Spanish administration. There is no new millionaire after knowing the number Million: SXR61691.

has not been The only lucky one in Spain With this draw conducted yesterday by Apuestas y Loterías del Estado. On this occasion there is also a stamped ticket in Spain that will get you more than 23,000 euros because it is of the third category (the five numbers of the group).

the Million from Eurobote This time they travel to the UK and Austria. There are two tickets that will make players millionaires and they will win prizes of €27.4 million. In their case, they guessed the numbers five and two stars correctly. The winning combination in yesterday’s draw, Friday, September 15, 2023, was made up of the numbers 21, 45, 12, 48 and 14. The stars were the numbers 8 and 11.

The winning El Millón ticket has been validated at Lottery Department No. 2 of Cangas de Onis (Asturias).

in it Next EuroMillions draw A guaranteed fund of €17 million will be put into play, which one player can win if he again has a winning ticket of the first category (5 + 2) in his hands.

How are EuroMillions prizes distributed?

The prizes corresponding to the EuroMillions jackpot are distributed according to the number of correct numbers and stars chosen by the player:

  • First category: 5 numbers and 2 stars
  • Second category: 5 numbers and one star
  • The third category: the five numbers only
  • Fourth category: 4 numbers and 2 stars
  • Fifth category: 4 numbers and one star
  • Sixth category: 4 numbers
  • Category 7: 3 numbers and 2 stars
  • Eighth category: two numbers and two stars
  • Category 9: 3 numbers and 1 star
  • Category 10: 3 numbers
  • Category Eleven: One number and two stars
  • The twelfth category: two numbers and one star
  • Category thirteen: If there are two correct numbers
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