The College of Human Sciences holds an event to obtain degrees in education, sports sciences and psychology


Morelia, Michoacán ( The Faculty of Humanities of La Salle University Morelia held an interdisciplinary event to introduce some of the activities carried out in the learning processes for the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sports Sciences and Education.

On the Bachelor of Science in Sports side, students of the first and third semesters, under the guidance of the course director and teachers, conducted a practical theoretical session with physiological measurements and physical activation, in the university’s multi-purpose room; They highlighted the importance of physical activity for health and talked about activities related to sporting events and their professional performance.

Education students held an educational exhibition in the university courtyard in which attendees were able to tour the stands, which were divided according to field of work and population for future teachers to attend, from primary education, basic education, higher secondary education, higher training and business. Activities related to the educational needs of each sector were presented, and they spoke with attendees about the various areas of work and personal development offered by La Salle University’s Bachelor of Education program.

Bachelor’s degree professors in psychology gave a sample of the application of projective psychological tests and theory to systems in psychology, and answered questions related to the field of work, related disciplines, and field practice, which begins in the second semester in the LASALLE Psychology program.

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