Iron Man fuses his armor with Van Helsing’s suit and the result is amazing

On this occasion, Iron Man puts himself in Van Helsing’s shoes to hunt down dangerous vampires.

Iron Man is one of the most beloved Marvel heroes by viewers.

We’ve become accustomed to Iron Man offering us a myriad of armor, each one better than the last. Even giant suits capable of fighting the Hulk if necessary, but today we come to show you something completely new that we have not seen yet. Can you imagine Iron Man combined with Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing? Well, now that’s possible thanks to this infographic.

There’s no doubt that ever since Tony Stark created his first armor, The development in it has been truly overwhelming. It’s gone from a suit made in a cave with “useless” materials to nanotechnology. The number of suits that we have been able to see is truly enormous and as we said, each one is better than the last, now we have been able to see what the “Monster Hunter” armor will look like.

Iron Man x Van Helsing looks good

In 2010, Marvel launched an initiative so that different artists could create their own designs of Iron Man and thus surprise the community. One of them is Fred Genette, and he’s on the cover X-Force #204 We can see his amazing creativity. Below we will show you the image so you will love it as much as we do. The suit contains everything you need to take on the deadly vampires… Iron Hellsing?

Iron Man fuses his armor with Van Helsing's suit and the result is amazing

Iron Man merges with Van Helsing to give us this amazing suit

As you can see in the picture, This new Tony Stark armor features Van Helsing’s hat and coatWhich inevitably reminds us of the character played by Hugh Jackman in the film of the same name. Moreover, we can also appreciate Stakes and UV cannons that will serve as really useful weapons. You should always take advantage of the weaknesses of your enemies, in this case, vampires.

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Even though we’re faced with a design that’s not really canon, we remember it There is a department at Marvel that deals exclusively with the subject of the supernatural. This universe does not have great heroes other than Blade or Ghost Rider, so we have seen without a doubt in this illustration the great potential that Iron Man has to be part of that battle against the most famous and dangerous monsters. We’ll see if that comes true.

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