The Ecuadorean, the 2021 American MotoGP champion, will compete in the United States.

Ecuadorean Antonella Buyu, 9 years old, champion in Pan American Cup From BMX 2021, which was held last Saturday November 13, 2021 at lima, preparing to participate later this month at the Grand National United State. The competition will stand out cyclists from different countries.

Buyu, who started the sport at the age of six with a pedal bike, won an award medal from Euro In the women’s category 9 years old for Pan AmericanOrganized by the Pan American Motorcycle Federation (COPAB) and the Pan American Motorcycle Federation (COPASE), the 2021 Pan American Motorcycle Championships.

The medal was competed with cyclists from Peru, Brazil, Colombia And Chile. “I am passionate about this sport, I love everything about it by bike: Speed, jumps”, said this Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the athlete. The cyclist began participating in international championships at the age of six and has previously participated in races in Belgium, Brazil, the United States, Colombia and Peru.

Puyo lost the number of medals he won: “There are so many, I don’t even have a count.”

“I feel so happy because every time I get close to my oldest asleep What happens four times Olympic Champion From bicicross, and since you can go to the Olympics from the age of 16, I’ve already counted and I want to win at the age of 16, at 20, at 24 and 28, the little girl who is in the fourth grade of the School.

A cyclist trains for two hours a day at a path from La . garden Carolina, in the center north of Quito, and after participating in the Grand National of the United States (the most important cup in that country), will return to Ecuador to play the final, in two categories, of the 2021 National Cup. .

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“The bike is my favorite game, I really enjoy every training session and every competition. Also, the thing I love is the possibility to meet and make friends in different countries,” said the athlete, who trained in Colombia and the United States.

Puyo emphasized that his family is the basis for achieving his sporting goals: “Thanks to them, I can rely on everything in my training.”

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