Merkel says society matters more to me than education as I get older

Bor Andreas Reinke

BerlinNOV 17 – Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel marked her 50th birthday by listening to a lecture by a neuroscientist, and marked her 60th birthday with a talk by a historian.

As she gets older, Merkel told Reuters in an interview that her interests diverge from the natural sciences in which she spent the early part of her career. Now 67, he said, he plans to devote his retirement to the major questions of social and historical development.

“This is increasingly the direction my thoughts are taking,” Merkel said in an interview with Reuters. “How can we understand the course of history, and how can we compare it globally? How did China develop over 2,000 years? What about Europe?”

Merkel has hinted that she might return to academia, but other than that, there are few indications about how she will occupy her time leaving the chancellery after 16. years. .

He announced on Tuesday that he would keep nine staff at state expense after the chancellorship, two more than his predecessor Gerhard Schroeder when he retired. This indicates that she plans to remain active.

However, she won’t go back to the quantum chemistry she researched in East Germany in the 1980s, it’s too long ago and no longer up to date, though she said she was very excited about the way her field had developed.

“I can see myself talking regularly about the relationship between our prosperity and our research and innovation, but I’m sure I won’t be doing any scientific work,” she said.

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