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In 2009, Michelle Obama He didn’t think “Earth swallowed me” when he put his hand on the Queen’s shoulder Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom To give him a hug breaks protocol. Nine years later, the former first lady of the United States revealed that despite the criticism, it wasn’t too bad, and all because the king’s admission minutes before the salute.

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It was in 2018 while presenting her book, when Michelle Obama mentioned her relationship with Elizabeth II and how close they were, especially when she realized that nerves for beginners, as was the case with the former First Lady at the time in 2009, where the public meetings with the Royal family They were a challenge due to the infinity of rules dictated by royal protocol.

Isabel II, Michel and Protocol

‘One of my main goals for eight years was to not become a meme. I had all these rules of protocol in my head and I was thinking: ‘Don’t stumble’, ‘Don’t touch anyone no matter what happens’… Then the Queen said to me: ‘Come and sit where you want’ . She’s talking to you and remembering all about the protocol, and suddenly she says: “Oh, the whole royal protocol thing is utter nonsense!”Michelle revealed her conversation with the King.

Michelle Obama hugs Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. (Image: YouTube | AP)

More confessions of Elizabeth II

In her book, the former First Lady of the United States devoted a few pages to the Queen Isabel II This is a position that not many people know about. Telling other storiesLike when the Queen, also on that visit in 2009, admitted to Michelle Obama that her feet hurt.

“These shoes are uncomfortable, right?” You can read what the Queen told him in Michelle Obama’s book. “We forgot she was wearing a crown of diamonds and that I traveled to London on Air Force One. At that time we were just two women who were tired and oppressed with our shoes,” says Michelle of the trust and empathy she conveyed. Royal.

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