Peruvian right seeks US support to promote Castillo vacancy

“They are planning many things, but they will not be able to silence us and they will not be able to dissuade our efforts,” Castillo said on Saturday. Photo: AP.

Representatives of the Peruvian far-right are seeking US support to promote incumbency (impeachment) of President Pedro Castillo, according to local press reports, just hours after the South American country’s Congress analyzed a proposal by an opposition lawmaker that would promote that process. .

Reports agree that Rafael Rey, former director of the Central Bank and member of the Catholic community Opas Dey, mining businessman Jose Fisqueira and former foreign minister and businessman Caetana Algovin, will accomplish this task from Monday and for a period of three days. United State.

According to the newspaper Republic, the Inter-American Institute for Democracy (IID), a Miami-based far-right organization, was to sponsor and arrange visits for the Peruvian delegation to North American politicians.

The publication indicated that the intelligence sent messages indicating that the visitors were against Castillo and confirming that the president was linked to the near-extinct armed group Sendero Luminoso.

He cited US legislative sources to specify that the letter invites members of the House of Representatives and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to receive envoys from the far-right in Peru.

He added that visitors wanted to talk about Castillo’s election and its “implications for regional security and US interests.”

IID gives space on its website to politicians of this trend from Latin American countries, such as Bolivian Carlos Berzin, who was Minister of the Interior and Defense of former Governor Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada and who, like this, demands his country’s justice for crimes against humanity.

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The same organization recently held a forum in the first 100 days of the Castillo government, with the participation of Ray and other far-right opponents of the president, where Ray said that “the only solution in Peru is to empty the government and go to presidential elections”.

International analyst Oscar Vedarte said the envoys were seeking external legitimacy for any action they might take against the government, that is, they were “playing international cards in the vacancy debate”.

During a working visit to Cusco, this Saturday, Castillo confirmed that he emphasized “they are planning many things, but they will not be able to silence us and they will not be able to bend our efforts” in the executive branch.

(with information from Prensa Latina)

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