The Court of Appeal of the United Kingdom today reviews the immunity of Juan Carlos I against Larsen

The UK Court of Appeal is considering Monday from 3:00 pm (Spanish peninsula time) if it allows Juan Carlos I to appeal British judge Matthew Nicklin’s decision not to recognize diplomatic immunity from the suit brought by his ex-boyfriend Corinna Larsen’s intimate stalker, allowing her to take its course.

The adjourned hearing will finally take place on 11 July. According to the same court, the hearing was postponed until the attorneys for the honorary king and Larsen’s attorney could explain the reasons why the former head of state, in their opinion, authorized or prevented, respectively, the appeal of Nicklin’s car.

It was March 24 when Supreme Court Justice Nicklin decided that Don Juan Carlos did not have the diplomatic immunity granted to him by the Head of State because when he claimed the events reported by Larsen had taken place, he had already abdicated. . He stressed that “there is only one king and one head of state in Spain, and since June 19, 2014, he is his son, King Felipe VI.”

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Mariangel Alcazar

To embody his idea, he explained that if he listened to Juan Carlos I’s defense arguments, he could enter the Hatton Garden Jewelry Store and steal the diamond ring, without having to face any civil or criminal proceedings in this jurisdiction.

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