Rishi Sunak: Ex-Finance Minister seeking the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak, the former head of the British British economy, was released on Friday He has officially campaigned for the success of resigned Prime Minister Boris Johnson and has jumped to the front of what appears to be a host of contendersWhile some lawmakers from the Conservative Party are pressing for the departure of the scandal-tainted prime minister before a replacement is elected in the coming months.

Sunak, whose resignation helped precipitate Johnson’s downfall, kicked off his campaign with a well-produced video He presents himself as a serious leader capable of “controlling the moment and making the right decisions”.

“Do we face this moment with honesty, seriousness and determination or do we comfort ourselves with fairy tales that make us feel better now, but will hurt our children tomorrow?” asked Sunak, one of the bookmakers’ favorites to win the race. .

Who is the candidate seeking to succeed Johnson? Why would his appointment be historical What do you plan to do during the remainder of the conservative term that ends in 2025?

Rishi Sunak will be the first Prime Minister, of Indian origin, to rule the United Kingdom, following the crisis of the Johnson government. (AFP)

Rishi Sunak: A great personality as an economist and investor

Sunak (May 12, 1980) is HThe son of a general practitioner and pharmacist, both of Indian Punjabi descent Those who were born in Africa when part of the continent was colonized by the United Kingdom– He is the eldest of three siblings. His brother Sanjay is a psychiatrist and his sister Rakhi is the Head of Strategy and Planning for Education I can not waitUnited Nations Global Fund for Education. The family grew up in the city of Southampton.

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I know exit from a race in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Lincoln College, one of the colleges of the University of Oxford. Since his school days he joined the ranks of the Conservative Party.

After graduation, he became close to the British elite Goldman Sachs analyst at age 21 He was later employed by London-based hedge fund The Children’s Investment Fund Management, as well as two other companies: Theleme Partners and Catamaran Ventures.

He was a manager of the latter and is owned by his father-in-law, Indian businessman NR Narayana Murthy, Infosys foundera multinational company dedicated to information technology with a focus on business consulting and outsourcing, with two children.

Since 2009, he is married to His wife, Indian billionaire Akshata Murti —He met her while graduating in Business Administration at Stanford University, USAShe is a fashion designer. Both Their net worth is estimated at 730 million pounds ($910 million), according to the annual ranking of Sunday times Of the thousand richest people in the UK, she is ranked 222 in the list.

Rishi Sunak has a long career as a financier, though he got into politics until he was 35 years old.  (AFP)
Rishi Sunak has a long career as a financier, though he got into politics until he was 35 years old. (AFP)

in 2015Rishi Sunak Selected as a Conservative candidate for a seat in the House of Commons of the British Parliament by region Richmond, in North Yorkshire, after retirement William Haig Former Labor Party leader Tony Blair, foreign minister and first foreign minister in David Cameron’s government-, Easily win for being a conservative “feudal”.

In his time as a lawmaker, he supported the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, and supported all measures promoted by then Prime Minister Theresa May.

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Sunak was subsequently appointed Chief Treasurer by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on July 24, 2019.who served under then-Foreign Minister Sajid Javid, and later Appointed Minister of Finance in 2020Specifically to replace the foreigner who also resigned for the first time due to disagreements with Johnson.

At the head of the Ministry of Economy Sunak had to deal above all with the effects of Covid-19, and although his initial reaction to support the economy was appreciated.recently came under fire for his plan to raise taxes, something Johnson apparently disapproved of, either.

Rishi Sunak was Treasury Secretary and then Finance Minister in the government of Boris Johnson.  (AFP)
Rishi Sunak was Treasury Secretary and then Finance Minister in the government of Boris Johnson. (AFP)

Controversy over his wife’s fortune

With a plan to protect your business and investments during the pandemic, He became one of the favorite members of the “Conservative” government and was seen as a potential candidate for prime minister in the future The leader of the Conservative Party. But He recently found himself at the center of a scandal in April that dealt a serious blow to his reputation.

This centered around the privileged tax status of his wealthy wife, which allowed him to save millions in taxes.And to the US residence permit that the minister had until last year. After the information was revealed, Morty relinquished her “non-domestic” status in the UK which, despite living in London, allowed her to avoid paying taxes on her foreign income.

Finally, he has been cleared of any breach of the Ministerial Code of Conduct, and Senak remains a target of criticism, Accused of not doing enough to help the most disadvantaged families cope with uncontrolled inflation, it rose 9 percent in April, a record in 40 years.

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Nor was he fined for participating in a party that violated anti-viral regulations in Downing Street offices which contributed to his popularity, for which he apologized, although he always defended he was just passing through.

UK Secretary of State for Trade and former Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt Se has become the favorite to succeed Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.According to the results of a new survey conducted on Wednesday.

It was Rishi Sunak who blew up the Boris Johnson government with his resignation, which later led to his departure.  (AFP)
It was Rishi Sunak who blew up the Boris Johnson government with his resignation, which later led to his departure. (AFP)

A YouGov poll indicates that Mordaunt, who officially joined the race for the job over the weekend, He has at least 27 percent of support among Conservative MPs.

Thus, everything indicates that the “conservatives” can unite around the former minister, Which would outperform the former Finance Minister. This poll specifically gives Sunak and Secretary of State Liz Truss, 13 percent of support. Conservative MPs will have to disqualify the candidates by voting until there are only two left.

Each candidate must have the support of at least twenty deputies to be able to run, Although those who received less than thirty votes in the first vote will be disqualified. Then, the disqualified candidates will be the ones with the fewest votes until only two are left.

The next conservative leader, and thus the country’s prime minister, will be out of the vote More inclusive is finally implemented by mail in which the members of the formation will participate.


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