The College of Social Sciences and Humanities opens a collection center

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi has opened an assembly center, in order to support residents of communities affected by the recent fires in the municipality of Guadalcazar.

This was announced by Dr. Anna Laura Fonseca, Academic Secretary of the College, and Esmeralda Bernice Ramos Garcia, BA in Philosophy. About this gathering center, Dr. Fonseca said the main impetus was the initiative of students to be able to support these communities.

He also commented that student Esmeralda Bernice Ramos had worked in the Guadalcazar communities and reported the extremely complex situation they face as a result of the fires, “So, based on this knowledge, she had an initiative to open a health center. Collection, where we are very happy to be able to cooperate”.

For her part, Berenice Ramos said that this fire is affecting the communities of Guadalcazar Norte, such as Milagro de Guadalupe, Brisa del Pinto, Tank Blanco and Santa Rita del Rocio.

“They are semi-desert communities, so the weather conditions that prevailed in recent days make it easier for the fire to spread.”

She expressed that the initiative stems from the fact that she provided a social service in Tanki Blanco, where she lived there for a whole year as a community teacher, so she knows firsthand the shortcomings of society, and that along with the fire, she considered an urgent call for solidarity.

Items needed to support residents in these communities are bottled water, energy bars, soft drinks, non-perishable foods, face masks, safety gloves, clothing and personal hygiene items.

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The collection center is located in Building A of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, in Room A1. It is open not only to the university community, but also to the general public, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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