The Old English Sheepdog is in danger of disappearing in the UK

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The nation’s main canine protection association, the Kennel Club, warned Monday that the ancestral English Sheepdog, or Bobtail, is known for its profuse white and gray hair. Endangered in the UK.

“One of the most well-known dog breeds in the UK, the English Sheepdog, was first classified as weak,” the association said on its website, noting that they have “fewer than 300 annual puppy records and are in danger of disappearing from our streets.”

Only 227 Bobtail puppies were recorded in 2020, the lowest number in sixty years. When this breed was fueled its heyday with an advertisement for the Dulux paint brand.

Even the Beatles dedicated him to his 1968 song, “My Dear Martha,” written by Paul McCartney to his dog.

English Shepherds peaked in 1979 with nearly 6,000 registrations. Which made them the ninth most popular breed in the country.

According to Kennel Club spokesperson Bill Lambert, their loss of popularity can be explained by “lifestyle changes”. Ask Lots of care and exercise, it doesn’t adapt to small spaces.


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