The city of Medellin will host a forum to research strategies within the creative economy

In the midst of this year, the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, Colombia will hold the Great Global Forum for Arts, Culture, Creativity and Technology, GFACCT 2021, an event that aims to Develop clear creative strategies for the development of the country. The event will start on September 6 in Medellin (Antioquia) during the four days in which it will be extended, and more than 350 distinguished guests from each sector will participate at the national and international levels.

“Medellin, as the host city, as well as being a strategic ally of the third edition of GFACCT, makes it possible to establish clear strategies, actions and stakes for the creative economies being developed from the local, regional and national levels. Through a press release, the Ministry of Culture (MinCultura) explained that setting the agenda Short, medium and long term enabling social and cultural cohesion through dialogue, meetings and training of national and international exhibitors that the Forum will witness in this edition.” .

The event will begin at 10 am with the first discussion entitled “The Orange Economy, Unlimited Reality”, with the participation of President Ivan Duque and Felipe Buitrago, former Colombian Minister of Culture. Both will talk about the launch of their second book on the subject.

Later there will be more exhibitions and dialogues involving experts from at least 23 countries, among them: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, Russia Sweden, among other countries. They will address the key issues of the orange economy, the promotion of creative and cultural industries, and the challenges the creative sector faces after the pandemic.

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The idea is that in addition to exhibitions, guests can talk about art, culture, creative economy, technology and innovation in the more than 30 dialogue spaces that will open. The goal is to create a consensus that will allow fostering the development of creative economies in favor of their incorporation into government policies.

“The bilateral agenda will include the participation of international experts from the invited countries, among other Colombian allies, who have contributed to the strengthening of the orange economy and have been able to integrate their government’s policies in a comprehensive way,” the government said. Colombian.

It was also noted that during the Global Counter-Terrorism Conference, the Alliance for the Revival and Modernization of the Creative Economy (CERMA), initially consisting of 16 countries and whose main objective will be the strengthening of international cooperation, will be highlighted. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the importance of clarifying the private sector for the promotion of cultural and creative industries.

MinCultura highlights that this meeting will aim to open up space for dialogue and reflection on The role that states play as a driver of innovative and creative practices to promote and revitalize cultural expressions and cultural heritage in the Andean region.Likewise, its purpose is to review how they contribute to achieving the proposed goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This event will take place from 6 to 9 September and will be broadcast by In addition, on this same page you can consult all programming.

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