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Legendary Swedish pop band ABBA is one step closer to returning to the UK top ten for the first time in 40 years, with two new songs from their upcoming album ‘Voyage’.

“I Still Believe in You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down” ranked sixth and seventh, respectively, in the top 10 charts, according to estimates released Sunday, based on first-time sales and downloads.

The official list will be published on Friday.

“If the enthusiasm continues, these singles will be the first to qualify for ABBA’s top ten in the UK since One Of Us in December 1981.”Said the body responsible for the classification.

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The agency said on Sunday that “I Still Believe in You” is selling well on CD and vinyl, while “Don’t Shut Me Down” is the UK’s most downloaded song so far this week.

The two songs are part of “Voyage,” ABBA’s first album since 1981’s “Visitors.”

The launch was announced at an event in London on Thursday, to the delight of fans around the world.

The four members of ABBA – an acronym for its members’ first names – are all now septuagenarians: Anni-Frid Lyngstad (75), Agnetha Fältskog (71), Björn Ulvaeus (76) and Benny Andersson (74).

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“Voyage,” which will feature 10 films, will go on sale November 5. The group is also planning to make a hologram show. Tickets for this concert will go on sale on Tuesday.

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