The Chilean opposition will add another candidate for the presidential election – Prinsa Latina

They also talked about their participation in the broad primaries that the opposition forces will hold to elect one candidate, scheduled for July 4.

Speaking to the media, Representative Natalia Castillo, a former member of the Democratic Revolution, said that the opposition needs unity “to agree on a path of development that allows dignity, progress and rights to form the basis of our future development.”

For his part, MP Vlado Mirosevic, from Hizb ut-Tahrir, indicated that both formations “want to contribute to building a new Chile, and to share our ideas in the efforts of progressive unity.”

According to, the Liberal Party will select its candidate in the General Council, while the New Deal movement will do so in an association for its members.

Opposition candidates in Chile already make up an extensive list, with representatives of the Christian Democracy, for Democracy, Radical, Socialist, Democratic Revolution, Communist Regional Front and Green Social Party, among others.

Mayor Daniel Gadu’s candidacy for membership of the Communist Party, which will be decided on April 24, has not been confirmed, but this is a given because he is the opposition figure preferred by residents in the presidential elections.

Last Monday, representatives of opposition candidates and political parties met to advance in the search for ways to jointly handle the presidential elections in November.

In the meeting, as it turned out, simultaneous programmatic issues were discussed with the aim of holding potentially wide primary elections to field a single candidate for those elections.

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