Tesla pressured the UK to raise taxes on gasoline and diesel

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April 11, 2021

Tesla pressured the British government to raise taxes on combustion cars and thus increase aid to electric vehicles.

Lobbying is putting pressure on a government or a companyEspecially with regard to political and economic decisions. And that’s exactly what Tesla did about the British executive, according to the Guardian.

The intention of the company created and managed by Elon Musk was for the British government, led by Boris Johnson, Raise taxes on petrol and diesel cars In order to finance higher subsidies for electric cars and at the same time ban hybrid cars.

Taxes on fuel and the purchase of combustion cars

Tesla Model S

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The Californian company, according to the British newspaper, demanded an increase in fuel taxes and a tax on the purchase of gasoline and diesel cars. To fund grants and tax exemptions, such as exemption from value-added tax for battery-powered vehicles.

Supporting the adoption of zero-emission vehicles through The mechanisms that make new cars running on fossil fuels pay for the damage they cause Tesla wrote in a document submitted in July last year to the British government. “The result could be a neutral revenue system for the government.”

In the UK, the government has frozen the fuel tax for 11 years, which This means that the public coffers have stopped entering about 50 thousand million pounds (More than 57 thousand million euros). This measure, which has been imitated in many European countries, is due to the rulers’ fear of losing voter support and avoiding potential protests, such as the one that occurred in France on the same topic.

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Tesla also called in the leaked documents for a complete ban on all petrol and diesel cars, including A. Banning hybrid cars by 2032.

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Tesla also argued with this Automobile manufacturers should be required to sell a certain percentage of zero-emission vehicles, Which is similar to the California state standard, where the company is headquartered.

Other proposals included paying drivers’ subsidies to replace old polluting vehicles, tax exemptions for corporate car users, and a “freight promise” under which The government will install the chargers on any street in the UK that requests it.

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