The Atlanta Falcons will be playing in London in the 2021 season

Although the 2021 NFL season matches are several months away, they have already made some big announcements of upcoming football activity. One of the loudest voices was that the Atlanta Falcons would be played in London as part of the International Games.

The NFL added a new rule.

After all 32 team holders gathered, they agreed that everyone must play outside the United States as of the 2021 season. The rule is that every franchise must have at least one international game every eight years.

They haven’t announced how it will work or which teams will be responsible for implementing this new rule. The only thing they have officially announced is that the Falcons will be their first international match of the 2021 season and they will be in London.

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There were no matches outside of the US for 2020.

Due to the pandemic, matches that were to be played in England and Mexico, countries that officially have game season after season, have been canceled. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that by 2021 this will be back to normal.

With this announcement they have achieved it, because the Atlanta Falcons will be playing in London and will be played at Tottenham Hotspur, the home of Tottenham; This will be the third time the NFL has visited the Tottenham home. As for the Falcons, this will be their second time playing there.

The first time they lost.

In 2014 they suffered a loss from the Detroit Lions 22-21, losing 21 points at the top. They will pursue a different story in 2021, with Arthur Smith as head coach.

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