The Argentine government will meet a group of indigenous women – Prensa Latina

After traveling on foot nearly two thousand kilometers to the south and north on a journey that began on March 14 with several columns, indigenous peoples’ representatives will be greeted by various officials, including the Minister for Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth G√≥mez, at a meeting where they will present their social agenda.

As the leader of the Mapuche, Moira Milan, told Prensa Latina the day before, this is the first time that the country’s highest authorities have received indigenous women alone in Casa Rosada, without the guardianship of men.

At the meeting, representatives of these indigenous peoples will express their concern and fight against the pesticide, which they consider a crime against humanity and against nature due to the plunder of the major extractive companies.

With a very specific complaint, in recent weeks, indigenous women have made a long march, passing through several provinces, as they demonstrated their struggle and called for a joining of forces in a historic and urgent proposal to stop the slaughter of the ecosystem.

We are sure that these crimes will be prosecuted and convicted, and they will be basically eliminated from the earth, and it will happen sooner rather than later, we put a grain of sand to achieve this, do not leave us alone. The movement said we invite you to support and walk by our side.

Milan told Prinsa Latina that since March 14, four women in a caravan from Mapuche Love Poel Willemabo, in the province of Chubut, have been joined by others from the north and south of the country to create a large block for the capital.

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After meeting with the Executive, the movement hopes to hold several days of struggle, which will culminate on May 22, the World Day of Action Against Terricide.

“We are also walking to heal the trivialities, as a result of colonialism that still inhabits all kinds of regions,” says Indigenous Women for a Good Life.

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