The App Store is responsible for more than 830,000 jobs in the United Kingdom, France and Germany

Today, Apple has updated the number of jobs that are being created in different countries in Europe. Specifically, the UK, France and Germany group A total of 830,000 direct jobs related to the App Store. Disclosure is done in the investigation environment by the Apple App Store monopoly.

Nearly 1 Million Jobs Linked to the “App Economy”

United kingdomAnd the France s Germany It provides 303,000, 250,000 and 250,000 jobs in everything Apple calls the app economy. This means, according to the company, An increase of 10%, 6% and 8% over the previous year, respectively. Apple refers to the Coronavirus crisis and the increased use of the app store that many physical companies have made as a result.

In addition to creating jobs related to its ecosystem, the company has revealed how much money has been distributed to developers in these countries. Specifically, Apple has delivered 4,187 million euros In the UK and 2 billion euros each for France and Germany. That brings a total of just over 8 billion in just three countries.

Apple has not provided data for the rest of the ancient continent. On the website for The job has been created Power Apple You can still see old numbers giving 76,000 jobs to Spain. The amazing thing about this site is that Germany has 262,000 jobs, while Apple now says there are 250,000, so the numbers don’t match. Anyway, that’s a fairly high number.

This new batch of employment and entrepreneurs Created thanks to the app store It comes in the context of the App Store’s antitrust investigations in Europe. With them, Apple aspires to assess the underlying economy of its App Store, as a sign of the company’s positive impact in these countries.

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