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Do you need more skins ? The title created by Garena has a system of redemption tokens so players can get exclusive items without needing diamonds, which is the default currency in Battle Royale.

Redemption codes, as opposed to trading events , Are 12-letter alphanumeric numbers that provide players with a great opportunity to get special clothing and other free items.

Check out the icons for today, February 14th, to enhance your favorite characters from .

  • Sbshvaiabsor
  • SPEHGG87W5D2
  • SPEHG48AM72U

Redemption code is only available for a specified period. After expiration, users will receive an error message stating “The code has expired or is not valid”.

To enter symbols , You will need to visit the Rewards Redemption website (). After the redemption procedure is successful, they will receive their rewards within 24 hours and can collect them in the mail section of the game.

Free fire | Break the game chrono

Chrono added, a strong character with one of the most “disabled” abilities. According to community comments, the character inspired by Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo broke the game, because his active skill and other aspects caused an imbalance in the games.

Chrono’s active capacity in , Called Tuned Shield, creates a force field that blocks 500 damage from enemies. Movement speed increased by 15%. During the skill activation period, Allies in the Force Field receive a 15% Speed ​​Bonus at Base level. Duration 10 seconds and can be reused every 55 seconds in its original state.

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So Tuned Shield provides a spot feature in games especially when gloo walls are running out. Chrono can pounce on rivals to dominate areas and buildings with great ease.

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