The 2024 Paris Olympic Games were also affected by the political crisis

The dissolution of the National Assembly on Sunday by President Emmanuel Macron, following the landslide victory of the far right in the European elections, has become a starting signal in the race to achieve an absolute majority in the House of Representatives, and it is inconceivable that the great event would be left out of the fray.

The candidate to head the government for the National Bloc, Jordan Bardella, stated that if the party that won the European elections repeats its victory in the legislative elections and is appointed to its position, it will not modify the activated device for the Olympic Games scheduled for the period from July 26 to August 11, while the Games will be held Paralympics from August 28 to September 8.

The far-right representative said: We trust the state’s services to the organization.

Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera criticized Bardella’s comments on social media, accusing RN of “stirring up all the controversy against the Games.”

He already considers himself prime minister, but staging the world’s biggest event is not on autopilot; He added that this requires mobilizing state agencies, which has been happening for years, and preparing competent and experienced political leaders.

Odea Castera accused the far right of lacking Olympic values, from openness and universality to friendship between peoples and brotherhood.

Yesterday, in Italy, where he is participating in the G7 summit, Macron said that the French will take into account the issue of meeting within the five rounds of Paris-2024 in the legislative elections next June 30.

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The president said that people will not want to vote for leaders who are completely unprepared.

With 16 days to go before the elections, we can expect the Olympics to come back to the fore several times with the voice of politicians from across the board.


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