One of Xbox’s most popular games could have a PS5 port

Various games X-Box It was already available on many platforms even before it turned into a multi-platform strategy. However, one of the brand’s most notable games did not have an original port PlayStation 5 Within years.

We point to Maine CraftThe famous title Mojang Studios Which Works on PS5 through backward compatibility with PS4. More evidence has just emerged about a dedicated console version being released Sony In an update to the same address, indicating that a port is imminent.

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Maine Craft It could finally have a native port for the PS5

We know that Maine Craft It does not have a native PlayStation 5 release due to Sony, at one point refusing to send development kits for its console to Microsoft and Xbox studios, including Mojang Studios.

In recent months, various pieces of evidence have emerged suggesting the existence of a dedicated port for the PlayStation 5; However, no announcement has been made despite the recent celebration of the 10th anniversary of the saga.

PlayStation fans haven’t completely given up hope, especially since the game’s latest update revealed another alleged clue to the rumored port to Sony’s console. Players analyzed the update news in detail Difficult trials The discovery surprised the community: the title has “Preview on PlayStation 5” button.Which suggests that Mojang is already preparing a port.

This section is used for players to try out new features coming to the game before it is officially released. The option was already available for PS4, so it is striking that it now also exists for PlayStation 5. Now, Mojang has not confirmed anything about this, so it is better to wait for an official statement.

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