Swiss Archives investigate King Juan Carlos’ donation of $1 million to Corina Larsen

MADRID (apro). – The Swiss judiciary on Monday suspended the investigation into the millionaire’s donation made by King Emeritus, Juan Carlos de Bourbon, to his close examiner, Corinna Larsen, for not finding enough evidence that this money was related to the works on the express train (AVE) between Medina and Mecca, built by Spanish companies, according to the newspaper Tribune de Gèneve.

Geneva Cantonal Prosecutor Yves Bertosa opened proceedings in August 2018 against Larsen and the alleged figureheads of the king, his lawyer Dante Canonica and chief financial officer Arturo Fasana, as well as the directors of Mirabud Bank.

But Attorney General Bertosa decreed on Monday the proceedings file when he did not find sufficient links with the work of the association, also called AVE of the Desert.

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