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The holidays are a great occasion for the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Surprising members of the British royal family with their outfits, as the king changed multiple outfits while celebrating birthday at Sandringham, a luxury country house in Norfolk, where he goes every year. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s official stylist, revealed the details of how she chose each gown.

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In December, the grandmother of William Cambridge and Henry Sussex left the beautifully decorated Windsor Castle and changed location to await the arrival of family and guests. 2021 will be the first time that Christmas Eve will pass without the company of Felipe de Edemburgo, who died at the age of 99 on April 9.

On December 24, the British royal family Gift exchange And on the twenty-fifth, they meet for a traditional mass at St Mary Madeleine’s Church. For a traditional dinner at birthdayThe menu is special: stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, premium cheeses, bacon, pudding with brandy sauce, Christmas log with chocolate and other desserts, as shown by USA Herald. But that’s not all, she does not spend the entire celebration in the same clothes.

Elizabeth II’s costume change

The King of the United Kingdom makes many changes of clothes in a day birthday. This was revealed in 2020 by Angela Kelly, the Queen’s official designer who published a book called Obverse of the coin: the queen, wardrobe and wardrobe. It could be five or even seven., specially.

This requires a lot of planning, so the royal assistant provides evening gown diagrams for the Queen to review and choose what she would like to wear that night. When she makes up her mind, Kelly posts a handwritten notice in the dressing room detailing what the Queen will wear, ensuring that bridesmaids and guests don’t match the same outfit.

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The reason for the changes Elizabeth II

Charles Wells’ mother follows the tradition of the Queen Mother who wore special clothes for Christmas. “The Queen has followed suit.”Kelly wrote in her book, as noted .

Also, a date is a great occasion to showcase your best jewelry. “Imagine owning that wonderful set of jewelry and knowing the story of each piece”, He said.

And about Elizabeth II’s clothes, he indicated that “When it comes to the royal family, it doesn’t matter if they wear the same color as the Queen because they are members of the family. When it comes to other guests, they feel that they shouldn’t wear the same color as Her Majesty, even though she doesn’t mind that.”.

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