Suspected FMD cases in pigs investigated in the UK – El Financiero

The UK government has declared a temporary control zone of thrush After suspected cases in pigs in Norfolk.

Precautionary measures restrict the movements of animals in a radius area 10 kilometers Near Feltwell, Kings Lynn, to Waiting for test resultsThe UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said in a statement.

“Initial tests do not indicate the presence of the disease, but more work is now being done to rule it out completely,” an administration spokesperson said in a statement.

The United Kingdom was forced to Slaughtering more than 10 million head of cattle and sheep To contain the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease for two decades. Animals can become ill through contact with an infected animal or through items that have come into contact with infected animals.

Foot and mouth disease is a notifiable disease in the UK, meaning that it must be reported to the authorities so that they can put restrictions in place in order to contain and eradicate it.

For some cases, such as Foot-and-mouth disease and African swine feverIt would include more drastic measures such as culling all vulnerable animals. The buildings are then cleaned and disinfected with strict rules on restocking, the site notes. Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the animal and plant health agency from the United Kingdom.

How is foot and mouth disease detected?

The Symptoms in pigs They include sudden lameness that spreads quickly among the herd, loud screaming of pain, tendency to lie flat, unwillingness to move, and unwillingness to eat.

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Sometimes they develop blisters on the upper edge of the hoof where the skin, horn, nose, and tongue meet. These signs are often confused swine vesicular diseaseTherefore, it must also be reported.

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