United Kingdom, a free country? A man is judged “for what…

In January of this year Hispanidad picked up an issue Adam Smith Connora former British soldier was praying – silently with his back to an abortion centre – for his son, who died from an induced abortion 22 years ago, when he is approached and punished by “Certified Community Security Officers”.

Well: On Wednesday, Aug. 9, Smith-Connor attended the first court hearing in which Paul Magistrates Court set the start date for his trial as November 2023, Aciprinsa.

At the court hearing, the ex-military pleaded “not guilty” to the criminal charges he faced because he prayed silently near an abortion center. The facts of my case are clear. I am accused of violating the security zone [buffer zone] “From an abortion clinic as I pray for my son Jacob and other abortion victims, their families and staff at the abortion clinic in Over Road Bournemouth,” said Smith-Connor. “I didn’t approach anyone, I didn’t talk to anyone, I didn’t take out anyone’s privacy. I just stayed silent. I am judged by thoughts of prayer I had it in my head,” he said.

According to Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole local council regulations, it is forbidden near an abortion center to “protest, i.e. engage in an consent/denial procedure or attempt an consent/denial procedure, in relation to matters relating to abortion services, by any means.”

By allowing Silent Prayer to be prosecuted, we are navigating dangerous waters in terms of protecting human rights in the UK

Jeremiah Igonopoli, The legal advisor to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a Christian legal organization that legally assists veterans, noted: “The citizens of this country should have equal freedom to think about the important social issue of abortion and how it has affected their lives and the lives of their loved ones. And in any democracy that respects religious freedom Everyone should be allowed to pray to the God they worship, in the privacy of their own minds, no less.” According to Igonopoli, by allowing “the Silent Prayer to be prosecuted, we are navigating dangerous waters in terms of protecting human rights in the UK”. “Both national and international law have long established freedom of thought as an absolute right in which the state should never interfere,” commented the UK’s legal advisor to the Foundation for African Democracy.

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Isabel Vaughan Sprouse, who was arrested for mental prayer in similar circumstances earlier this year, also attended Wednesday’s hearing in support of Smith-Connor. Safety zones are an insult to women and an insult to society. They criminalize charitable offerings and put innocent people like Adam on the bench for the ideas in his head.”

It is assumed that the United Kingdom is a developed and civilized country, in which the rights and freedoms of citizens prevail, for example – among other things – the right to freedom of expression, opinion and the expression of one’s beliefs.

But the reality is the opposite…

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