Sunak celebrates 100 days of UK leadership surrounded by corruption in the endless drama of ‘The Conservatives’

Rishi Sunak This week will celebrate the first 100 days of the downing street, An important milestone for any leader is when judgments about his or her performance in office begin to take shape. It was Conservative MPs – not voters – who appointed him prime minister last October in a desperate attempt to find some calm after the chaos and psychological drama the country has witnessed. Boris Johnson And the earthquake that caused it to disappear Liz Truss. “Boring is back. He said at the time that the new government has the full determination to be as boring as possible.” Michael Gove One of the most influential voices in the Council of Ministers, to be commended.

But politics is fickle. Despite Snake’s efforts to keep a low profile, The anniversary again coincides with one of the group’s most turbulent moments.

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