Donald Trump returns to politics ‘more committed than ever’

Trump confirms he will return to politics in 2024. Photo: Associated Press

Donald Trump relaunched his campaign on Saturday to contest the 2024 election in two caucuses, one in New Hampshire and one in South Carolina. In it, he tried to play down generational voices within the party or ensure that voters were already tired of his character.

“Now I’m angrier and more committed to this than ever!” exclaimed in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump officially launched his campaign two months ago at the Mar-a-Lago, Florida club, but so far he hasn’t made a campaign move.

On this occasion, the former president delivered shorter speeches without appearing before large crowds. In the town of Salem, New Hampshire, he gave a speech in a high school auditorium. In South Carolina, he appeared accompanied by state legislators and local leaders at the state house in Columbia City.

At these rallies, immigration was one of the central issues, a topic on which he once again made proposals to strengthen borders, similar to when he launched his campaign in 2016. He also mocked the government of Mexican President Andres Manuel. Lopez Obrador. In addition, he bragged about the pressure he allegedly had on the presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua to prevent their citizens from immigrating to the United States.

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Trump is the only figure from the Republican Party who has declared his intention to run in the primaries, despite the fact that he is embroiled in various legal problems. He faces numerous investigations, including one by a special prosecutor appointed by the Department of Justice to investigate his role in the 2021 storming of the Capitol and the possession of classified documents in his mansion in Mar-a-Lago.

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