Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacked the Conservative Party chairman after an investigation into his financial condition

AP – British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakfired this Sunday Chief Game reservationBecause “violation GrandMinisterial regulations.

There was increasing pressure to Nadim Zahawi expelled, amid accusations that he had to settle several Millions of dollars in unpaid taxes when he was responsible for treasure British.

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In a letter to Zahai, Sunak wrote that he was forced into action after being promised early in his term that his government would ” integrityprofessionalism and will produce accounts on all levels.”

Although Al-Zahawi is the founder of the poll site YouGovadmitted to a dispute with the tax authorities, which he claimed was his fault “before neglect Not intentional.

the an agreement with the IRS close to £5 million ($6.2 million), according to British media.

Al-Zahawi headed the British Treasury from July to September 2022in the last months of the mandate Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Sunak said he made his decision after a Research On the public finances of the party chief, carried out advisor independent government standards.

a report Laurie Magnus concluded that Al-Zahawi had shown “consideration Insufficienttowards ministerial standards and demands that you be “honest, open-minded, and an exemplary leader with your own conduct” in public life.

investigating in tax authority British Focus on selling shares YouGov At a value of about 27 million Egyptian pounds (33.4 million dollars).

Investigations began in April 2021, but Al-Zahawi did not disclose them when he was appointed head of the treasure More than a year later.

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Magnus Report decided that it should have been clear from the start that the matter was serious.

In a statement on Sunday, Al-Zahawi said it was an honor to serve on different teams governments and content to prime minister I will have your support.

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not referred to Research of morality, though he said he worried about the behavior on the part of The media In recent weeks, some media coverage did not reflect “legitimate scrutiny by public authorities.”

Al-Zahawi, 55, was Minister of Vaccines in the first year of pandemic from the coronavirus before serving a nine-month term as minister in the education.

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