Stephen Fry reveals his role in the Netflix series

One of the Netflix productions that generated the most anticipation among Neil Gaiman fans was the long-awaited adaptation of “The Sandman,” a graphic novel that critics ranked as one of the most important pieces of dark fiction critics have ever requested. Introduced in the twentieth century.

The ambitious project will be presented Tom Sturridge In roleA dream of eternityAs known as B. Morview, The dreamlike space king that all living things go to when they sleep. It will also be confirmed Gwendoline Christie It will give life to The devil, King of the underworld, while Charles Dance it will be Roderick Burgess, Magician who caught Morview In our world for 70 years.

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Now the role of the famous British comedian and director has been revealed. Stephen Fry Who will probably be remembered for his co-writing “V for Vendetta”. Fry They will be interviewed before Channel 4 at United kingdom During a cricket match broadcast, he gave his brief impressions of the series:

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“It is part of what we call it”The DC universe‘, But it’s really his own business. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never been to anything like it before. suppose that The Hobbit It is considered a fictional world. I play a character similar to the Edwardian writer named Gilbert“.

Gilbert It appears in the second volume of the series, “Doll houseHe is presented as a strong, elegant gentleman wearing a wand and a wide-brimmed hat. He is a friendly writer who accompanies Rose Walker In search of his brother and to give great help to escape from grave dangers.

This character has its origins in fiction, kingdom Morview, Although it was not originally a person, but a place. Gilbert Is the incarnation in human formFiedler GreenA kind of “post” dreamed of by sailors in the 18th century.

Photo: DC Comics

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If the character’s description is strange, then the whole story has characters and situations that seek to represent the unrealistic nature of dreams. Alan Heinberg He will be the director of the show and partner with the executive producer Jayman, Who is the creative advisor on the project. screenwriter David S. Joyer, Known for his work withThe Dark KnightHe is a co-production collaborator.

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