Statement from the Union University office

Comrades Union, our heartfelt greetings to all. On July 23, we will finish the first term of the 2022 school year. Also, the first term of office for the UH Federation and the elected secretaries general will be in March. It was a period of internal and external reorganization of the trade union movement in the university:
1. Strengthening union leadership structures.
2. Activate the political and ideological work with the workers.
3. To formulate the actions of the trade union leaders with their workers to achieve a true representation of the interests of the proletarians, in union with the management (management) and political structures (PCC) to achieve careful concern for the workers;
4. Activate the process of processing honors and honorary titles.
5. Improvement of organic performance and financial management (quotation);
6. Approach some commercial services.

Among other tasks.

Conservative but systematic progress in these and other tasks. It allows us to self-assess the period as satisfactory with many challenges to overcome. The work of unions cannot be limited to the union division, intermediary offices or union office. Union work, as we said, must be for everyone and between everyone, without discrimination of any kind or class. This is what distinguishes us, in essence, from trade union movements in capitalist environments. As Lenin said:
“Trade unions are not only historically necessary: ​​they are also an organization of the proletariat (…) which are historically inescapable, which includes it almost entirely under conditions of the dictatorship of the proletariat. (…) Trade unions are an organization of the dominant, leading ruling class; of the class that exercises the dictatorship , the class that exercises state coercion. But it is not a state organization, it is not a coercive organization. It is an educational organization, an organization that attracts and guides; it is a school, a state school, a management school, a communist school. It is a school of an absolutely exceptional kind, because it is not about teachers and students, Rather, it concerns a very specific, authentic group of what remains of capitalism, which must remain without fail, and what the advanced revolutionary detachments promote from within, so to speak, the revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat.(Lenin, 1921, d. 42, pp. 202-226)
These ideas validate the historical functions of the trade union movement which, in the particular Cuban case, is nourished by a rich revolutionary tradition led by countless men and women, true representatives of the working class.
Comrades, the second period should take us to a higher stage of unionization in our university (UH295).
We will begin, in September, the resumption of our discussion of the 2022-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement; His official signing will take place on September 21, 2022, at 10:00 AM, in the Coliseum at the Enrique José Varona Building. In the same law, the Rafael María de Mendive distinction will be handed over to workers who have more than 20 and 25 years of work in the field of education. This honor will be the preamble that will conclude on Pedagogical Worker Day in December.
Parallel to these activities, we will formally launch our call for the Thematic Roundtable: Trade Unions and the University in the Twenty-first Century; Which will be developed within the framework of the International Scientific Agreement of the University of Havana 2023, under the following thematic themes:
The first axis is the exchange of experiences on trade union work in higher education institutions
The second axis: the union, the university, innovation and sustainable development
The Third Meeting of the Thematic Axis of Leaders of the Confederation of Higher Education Institutions in Cuba and the World
In this sense, we have begun to establish channels of communication with union leaders from our sister universities and international trade union organizations, such as: WFTU, CLATE, CIT. , among other things.
And writing about unity and brotherhood, we have recently begun to establish channels of communication with the unions of the UH system: ISDI, JBN, IFAL … We already have in our group the Secretary General of the ISDI union office. JBN and IFAL will join later… UPA, INSTEC and Fundación UH already exist. The University of Havana is one of those countries with such regional complexity, and we will defend it as a university regardless of geography. Together we can do so much for our workers and the organization we represent.
Comrades in another order of information. Point out that we are up to date in paying the union dues. Those who know me know that I don’t like pointing out this sensitive pointer, but it is a duty of union membership. FAyL, IMRE QUIMAT, and ASP (Angencia) have been abandoned and the union divisions have been declared “no public” yet. Important! It should not occur to us that workers contribute in the performance of their duty and that someone leave this preserved heritage for later presentation. unacceptable. We will demand transparency, transparency and transparency. We will soon publish, once again, a report on the state of finances up until this month, including by union division. We have made great progress in this field and we acknowledge this primarily to the workers for their confidence and the performance of their duty; Secondly, to all our union leaders on their responsibility and dedication to all union tasks. At UH we have a union.
Comrades, in advance we wish you all happy holidays … We continue to communicate in the next few hours with other matters of interest:
– Involvement with FEU in the communities of Cotorro, Old Havana and Eastern Havana during the vacation period.
– Review the stamps in the category of the union office in the regions.
The Operations Guard… a period of leave.
– Economic information for the month of July.

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