Santander UK raises salaries for employees earning less than 35,000 pounds annually by 4% | comp

Santander will raise salaries for UK employees as a measure to offset high inflation. And the entity headed by Anna Putin announced, this Tuesday, that Salary will be increased by 4% For those workers who earn less than £35,000 a year (about €41,000 at current exchange rates).

The measure is the first step Santander has taken in one of its markets to offset the rising cost of living. According to the data provided by some of the 11,000 workers, accounting for 60% of the workforce Bank on British soil. He also clarified that he will raise the initial entry salary to 19,500 pounds annually, starting from August 1.

CEO of Santander UK, Mike RegenerHe explained through a statement, “The increase in the cost of living is affecting families across the country, so we analyzed how best to help the majority of our employees who play such important roles for Santander. This 4% salary increase will make a real difference to the majority of customer service employees. We are committed to helping our customers and businesses thrive in the current economic climate.”

As Santander explained, a 4% salary increase and an initial salary increase Agreed with Advance and CWU unions.

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