Banco Santander is opening its doors to acquire a small UK bank

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Anna Botín applauds the abolition of bonuses for UK bankers and asks the EU to do the same

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president Santander Bank, Ana BotínOpening the door to new acquisitions United kingdom, although she specified that it should be small in size. Likewise, Santander is once again the only Spanish bank in… Systemic importance Global this Monday.

In statements by L Financial TimesBotín stressed that Banco Santander does not need acquisitions to improve its profitability in the UK, although he did not rule out the acquisition of a small entity if the process makes sense.

Santander Bank has 14 million customers in that country and was one of the banks that considered buying Metro Bank Last month when the British entity faced difficulties last month. Another potential move that has been rumored in the past is a possible takeover Telecommunication Standardization BureauProperties Bank of SabadellBut its size and valuation (more than $1,000 million) may distance it from Putin's definition of “small.”

The Santander president also praised the elimination Bonus Subordinate Bankers In the United Kingdom and requested that the same be done in European Union. “It's a business where you have to get varying compensation, so I think this is good news for the sector, and it makes a lot of sense,” Putin said.

In his view, raising bonuses for bankers in the European Union would be “positive” and would be better aligned with shareholders. This limit has not yet been imposed Financial crisis To discourage financial sector managers from taking excessive risks to maximize short-term profit, which was one of the main causes of these crises.

Currently, as a general rule, European Banking Authority (EBA) imposes that Variable revenge Achieving bankers’ goals may not exceed 200% of their fixed wages. In order to exceed this percentage, it must be submitted to a shareholder vote with a quorum of not less than 50% and a majority of 66%.

The only regular Spanish bank

On the other hand, Santander is once again the only Spanish bank to appear among the 29 entities The importance of the global system In 2023 according to the classification prepared by it Financial Stability Board (FSB) in cooperation with Basel Committee and national authorities.

These systemically important banks will have to confront security demands capital Supplementary to cover the risks in the system due to its size. The entity headed by Putin is listed in the lowest risk category among the five existing entities, meaning it should only incur an additional capital charge of 1%, compared to the additional amount required at the highest risk level of 3.5%.

The update of this list, which takes place annually in November, means reducing the number of entities included in 2022, after the inclusion of Hong Kong. Bank of Communications (BoCom) after leaving the container Credit Suisse It is Italian unicredit. The next list will be published in November 2024.

Compared to the 2022 list, three banks rose to a higher category: China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank And UPS (Buyer for Credit Suisse) from Tier 1 to Tier 2, increasing the additional capital requirement by half a percentage point.

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