BP and ExxonMobil fuel stations closed due to fuel shortages in the UK

Delayed delivery affected the offer

Petrol stations operated by British Petroleum and US rival ExxonMobil closed their doors in the UK due to fuel shortages amid supply problems in the country due to a shortage of truck drivers.

Oil giant BP said on Thursday that a “small number” of fuel stations in the UK were “temporarily closed due to a shortage of unleaded fuel and diesel”.

In a statement sent to AFP, the group acknowledged that it was “experiencing problems with petrol supplies at some places of sale in the UK” due to “deliveries being delayed due to a shortage of truck drivers”.

The American giant ExxonMobil, which owns Esso gas stations, reported that a “small number” of the 200 it owned in a Tesco supermarket was also affected by this problem, according to the PA agency.

These supply problems are attributed to the pandemic that has driven many truck drivers, mostly foreigners, to return home, as new driver training centers have been closed for several months.

In addition, the arrival of new truck drivers from the EU has been complicated by Brexit, with more complicated immigration procedures.

Source: France Press agency

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