Starmer to drop plan to deport migrants from UK to Rwanda: ‘It’s dead and buried’

New British Prime Minister Labour Party Keir StarmerHe assembled his newly formed government for the first time on Saturday, after a landslide election victory that he said gave his party “A clear mandate” to govern “for change” in the UK.

Among the future plans of the new executive, the new “prime minister” was very clear in referring to the controversial immigration plan of the previous Conservative government, called “Rwanda Plan” To deport asylum seekers who arrive in the UK via the English Channel to that country, “died and buried”.

This came at a press conference held in Downing Street afterwards. First meeting with his ministerial teamWho conveyed to him “how to implement the plans” detailed in his electoral program and “exactly” what he expected “in terms of standards, implementation and the confidence the country has placed in him.”

Among his most pressing plans, the new head of the British executive announced that He will visit the four countries in the country. -Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland – after a “clear mandate” that sent them all to the ballot box. “For the first time in over 20 years, we have a majority in England, Scotland and Wales, and that is a clear mandate to govern across the UK, so I leave tomorrow to be across the UK,” the four nations said.

He explained that the tour would start in Scotland, continue in Northern Ireland, then pass through Wales and return to England in order to “establish the way of working across the United Kingdom”, which he promised would be “different” and better than it has been in recent years.

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The Labour leader has promised to do so. “It will not rest until change is achieved.” Voted by citizens, the executive was defended as having a “service mentality.” He said, “Our country comes first, and the party comes second. That’s not a slogan. That’s what we base our decisions on.”

The new government team

Starmer has surrounded himself with heavyweights in his team when he was in opposition as senior ministers in the Labour government, with Angela Rainer Like “number two” and Rachel Reeves As head of economy. David Lamy He is the new foreign minister. John Healy He will head the defense. Yvette Cooper The Interior Minister and Labour Party Campaign Coordinator, Pat McFaddenHe will lead the Cabinet Office – similar to the Presidency – as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

The Prime Minister stressed before his new government that: “A huge amount of work to do” And what awaits his government after winning the general election with a large majority. “Colleagues, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Cabinet, to our first meeting. It has been an honour and a privilege in my life to be invited by the King, His Majesty the King, yesterday to form and form a government. The Labour Government of 2024,” Starmer told his new ministers.

“And now we are holding our first cabinet meeting. So I welcome you. We have a lot of work to do, so we’re getting there now.He added amidst the applause of the new ministers.

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