Spain asks the United Kingdom at the United Nations to withdraw its military base from Gibraltar

The Government of Spain called on the United Kingdom in New York to demilitarize the Rock because of the negative consequences it was having on Campo Gibraltar. This was stated in his speech before the Committee of 24 Hector Gomez HernandezPermanent Representative of Spain to the United Nations, who explained that the British Armed Forces are implementing “Shooting exercises“At Algeciras Bay, where they continue to arrive Nuclear submarines Two steps away from the Spanish population affected by these activities.

“Gibraltar is a British military base established by the United Kingdom Above the interests of its residents. The United Kingdom, as the administering power, should and must put an end to military activities in the colony that have consequences for Spain. disarmament”, Unlike other regions, in a process governed by “the principle of territorial integrity and not self-determination,” said Gomez Hernandez, who called for the rock to be decolonized.

This military character of the rock contradicts the resolution relating to the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial States and Peoples No. 3163 (D-28), which was adopted by United Nations General Assembly (United Nations General Assembly) on December 14, 1973, in which it demanded “the withdrawal of military bases and installations located in non-self-governing territories.” Also, UN General Assembly resolution A/R/77/149 of 12 December 2022, on the same issue, which in paragraph 14 “calls on the administering Powers to end military activities and eliminate Military bases In the Non-Self-Governing Territories under its administration, in accordance with the relevant General Assembly resolutions.

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Spain’s representative to the United Nations stressed that this is not the only point of contention when the European Union and the United Kingdom negotiate an agreement. treaty Which regulates the status of the colony. “Beyond sovereignty, Spain, unfortunately, is a victim of the situation affecting us Regional safety. He stressed that the neighboring region suffers from the consequences of the colony’s presence due to its tax, labor and environmental legislation and government aid, which causes an economic imbalance on the other side of the border, especially at the expense of Campo Gibraltar.

Gomez Hernandez’s impact on “Imbalance” Which takes place between Gibraltar and Campo de Gibraltar. He pointed out Gibraltar’s dependence on “Cheap labor For non-residents, for damages resulting from smuggling From tobacco, to conjugations Sewage Straight to the sea without treatment and the restrictions it imposes on artisanal fishermen in La Linea.

“Spain fully defends the order based on this,” he added International right and compliance with United Nations provisions. Spain remains a victim of colonialism, a situation that seriously affects our territorial integrity and is contrary to international legitimacy, in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly. Gibraltar is a land waiting Decolonization “This must be achieved through bilateral agreements and negotiations between the UK and Spain,” he said, “apart from those held” to define the legal framework applicable to Gibraltar and the EU after Britain’s exit from the European Union.

These bilateral negotiations must take this into account Colony town“The UK must, according to Gomez Hernandez, continue the process begun under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Brussels Declaration of 1984, which the British unilaterally boycotted. He stressed that “Spain is ready to negotiate in good faith.”

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Tarek mountain

At the same forum in New York, the Minister of Health of Gibraltar spoke, Gemma Arias Vasquezappointed by Fabian Picardo as his successor at the helm of the GSLP for the 2027 general election, has become the voice of rock in United nations (New York) to strongly demand the immediate commencement of an operation Decolonization Which the people of Gibraltar have been waiting for for decades.

“Gibraltarians are tired of their repeated lack of… commitment With us. Their repeated failure to get us off the list. They’ve been talking for the sake of talking for a long time. It is time for your committee to begin its work. And the world is watching. So don’t let us down again,” criticized Arias Vazquez before Special Committee on Decolonization (Committee of 24)Who asked him to send a mission to Gibraltar to learn about its peculiarities, and insisted that “there is no smooth dialogue between your committee and the people of Gibraltar regarding the path towards decolonization of us.”

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