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“South Park: Beyond COVID: The Return of COVID” is the second in a series of 14 TV films promised by the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, from the exclusive agreement they signed with ViacomCBS until 2027, following the success of “The Pandemic Special” and “South ParQ Vaccination Special”.

We try to make what’s on Paramount+ different than anywhere else, so one-hour made-for-TV movies are what we have in mind. We’ll make two movies for TV every year. It’s going to be big, but not on a cinematic scaleStone noted.

in a “Traveling into the past seems to be the easy solution until they meet Victor Chaos (aka Pattres). However, Cartman has other plans.

Cartman apparently converted to Judaism in ‘South Park: Post Covid’ (Image: Paramount+)

¿CÓMO VER “South Garden: Beyond COVID: The Return of COVID”?

This will be released Thursday 16 December to in the United States. The series has technically not aired a new episode since the conclusion of season 23 in December 2019.

As of now, a UK release date has not been announced.

According to the official brief, “If Stan, Kyle, and Cartman can work together, they can go back in time to make sure COVID never happened and save Kenny’s life.”

When will ‘South Park: Beyond COVID-19: The Return of the Virus’ be released in Latin America?

your new “It does not have a Latin American release date yet, but it is known that it will be available on Paramount+.

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In Mexico, the previous movie is also available for free on Claro Video, for users with an active subscription, due to the alliance they signed with Paramount Plus, so it’s likely that the same will happen with “South Park: After COVID: The return of COVID“.

How can I subscribe to Paramount Plus?

Paramount + ViacomCBS is a global subscription video streaming service that delivers a mountain of premium entertainment to audiences of all ages. It is available in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Nordic countries, and Australia, and an additional 45 markets are expected by the end of 2022.

in case if Paramount Plus costs in Peru $14.90, although the first three months progress 50% off. What is more, The first week of service is free.

What will be the heroes "South Park" To go back in time?  (Photo: Paramount+)
What will the heroes of “South Park” do to go back in time? (Photo: Paramount+)

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