The two EuroMillions winners who are about to lose their money

EuroMillions winners have two chances to win this European raffle. On the one hand, the main depends on Match the resulting five numbers plus the stars, which are two additional numbers between 1 and 12. But in addition to this, there is another possibility of winning without achieving this combination. “El Millón” is an additional prize that all players participate in just to get a ticket.

As explained by Angelita Lottery This graphic automatically assigns an alphanumeric code Unique for each of the bets made in Euromillions. The Barcelona administration says: “In the case of simple bets, a code is generated for each of the draws in which the receipt participates. For multiple bets, several tokens that are equivalent to the simple bets will be allocated.”

When a player wins any of the prizes, You must demand it from the entity. To do this, it is necessary to find out whether the ticket was purchased online or through an authorized point of sale. The most important thing is that the winners in Spain have A total of three months to order itWhile in other countries it extends to six months. That deadline is running out soon for two British nationals, whose identity is still unknown, and they will have to go to the administrations for this whole month of December or they will lose the whole boat.

before December 15

The first winner bought his ticket in Newham (London) in June, and they’re referring from The Sun, so now He has only one day left to claim “El Millón”. Tomorrow the period ends and the rightful owner does not validate his ticket, the money will go to the administration to manage his destination. The potential second winner bought in July in Angleseym Island so the deadline for claiming €1 million would be December 29th. If the term expires, they will not be able to receive the funds at any other time.

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Depending on the country, the money goes to different shows. Spain, in general, collects this money for the Treasury, as they point out Tolotero. While in the UKprize money that is not claimed once the term has expired, Solidarity initiatives or lottery projects are allocated from the state.

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