Burdet participated in the Alumni meeting of the College of Health Sciences – Politics

Carry on this Mars At Plaza Mansila, a ceremony honoring those who have completed their studies in 2020 and those who have completed all subjects of their career during 2021 From College of Life and Health Sciences.

The county governor was present at the event.

Purdy highlighted “the importance in these times of being able to rely on professionals with bachelor’s degrees in nursing and other health fields, strengthening our health system. We operate with strong investments and buildings, but we also have to have the human talent and this, Uader provides through the jobs he has held at College of Health Sciences.

I’ve always had in Valley a college reference for the province. When I took over as governor, several opposition leaders said Awader was a problem, due to the cost to Entre Ríos. I have always understood that education is an investment, and education through Uader makes it possible for nearly 25,000 boys and girls to study at the State University of Entre Ríos and not have to emigrate to other cities, or worse, remain without studying because “not He has a career within our county.”

He also noted that “in recognition of the work done by the College of Health Sciences, who today will receive their graduate degrees, I wanted to be here tonight to leave this degree.”

He also said that today “a very good opportunity to demonstrate the enactment of the Nursing Act, which has been discussed for a long time, a law that prioritizes the profession of nurses, and that provides for substantial improvements in working environments, a law that has a very broad participation of union sectors, but also of schools, In order to ensure that Entre Ríos has this Nursing Law for the first time.”

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The governor added that “also in appreciation of the nurses and nurses who, in these times of Covid, in very difficult times, they put everything themselves so that we can take care of them, so that in public and private health care centers we have the necessary containment and this is manifested not only with words of gratitude, but also with facts , like this law or how we are here today, at this Uader graduation.”

“The fact of being able to have new hospitals, some of them ending up, like the one in Gualeguaycho, like the Santa Elena model hospital, like the Concordia Frontier Hospital, the Colon model hospital, or the future Villaguay Hospital, also in many of the health centers that we’re opening, that’s the result of the investments What we have done in times of an epidemic, which will strengthen our health system and require human resources and those human talents here, in graduates who have a willingness to excel at Uader”, highlighted the President from Entre Ríos.

UADER Dean, Luciano FilipuzziFor his part, he emphasized: “What we see in our generations of graduates is that they are mostly the first generation of their families who are university graduates. It is about upward mobility which is very important for us. If a public university does not guarantee rights, it will be very different and cannot be implemented” .

In his eyes he thanked Bordett for his accompaniment, who, as he put it, “was our first coordinator of the Concordia headquarters, before he was a minister, before he became governor, and who always accompanies us. The plan of action that the university is implementing this year is enormous, and it is unprecedented, as There are two shows of buildings of more than 6 thousand square meters and other works, which are real and tangible events.”

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Dean of the College of Life and Health Sciences at UADER, Anibal SattlerHe pointed out that “the pandemic has left us with signs, some of them are sad, while others are learning.”

One of those lessons, and I think the local government has taken it into account, is strengthening the health system. The county has shown clear signs of this strengthening, and we are accompanying it with comprehensive training and human resources,” Sattler said. Elonce.com.

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