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Jim Scott is retired, at his age (91), his only interest should be solving crossword puzzles or checking the weather on the news; However, the old man was devastated after the disappearance of “Flosi”, the frontier terrier who was his only companion. It’s been missing for nearly a year now, but big Don’t lose hope of finding it.

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Scott is “sad” after losing his border terrier’s cross named Fossey, which was once lost in the bush and never seen again. “The loss of Flossy broke my father’s heart and he always asks if she’s back yet.” precise Jill KellyThe old man’s daughter in conversation with .

Notably, the pet was owned by Kelly and her partner Nick, but it was Jim who spent the most time with her because he lives alone. The border terrier already has it Ten months missing And there is no trace.

The retired daughter revealed that her father had always had dogs, but her life changed after Flossy disappeared on a hike through the sand dunes between Seton Sloughs and Blythe, according to the cited portal.

Countdown actress Rachel Riley, actress Brende Blythein, and writer Anne Cleeves are among the celebrities who have joined the cause in search of “Flossy.” Pet photos and data are constantly posted to find their location.

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exciting reward

In order to help you find your pet, brought by Jim Scott $17,000 reward. A Facebook group called “Flossie is missing from Blyth” has been created about information about the dog.

The old man never loses hope of going home one day and seeing his pet in the usual chair. The story has taken over social media and is trending in the UK.

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