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Although success will always be associated with previous failures or mistakes, the girl finishes her work with difficulty because of her neighbor. And that is what its owner said UK jewelry brand, You get an unexpected negative comment from someone who lived near her when he saw some of her designs.

Imogen Evans is the businesswoman who revealed the story she lived when a woman didn’t like her jewelry design. Since then, Since these had some unique features, the person did not hesitate to point them out. By direct message to the owner.

He didn’t like the models

Evans published his experience She revealed that one of her neighbors from her old neighborhood approached her before moving to ask her to show her some ring models. Imogen was very nice and He shared his catalog of goods without thinking he’d get a call the next day Attention from this angry woman.

I gave her the name and the next day I got an email from her Saying that the rings we have in stock do not fit at all It can easily be taken in the wrong direction.”This is what the business owner explained in the clip, explaining that this person complained about the message that the rings carried, which endangered her brand.

However, although the businesswoman was afraid at a certain moment because of what people might say, She was very confident after realizing how thriving her business wasSince these episodes have been very well received. “This is for you,” she said in reply to her former neighbour. “Tomorrow night we shall have the largest replacement for the ring we have.”

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Business is on the rise

After announcing their experience, users who enjoy the designs comment on the video to make it clear that Imi Studios will not be in danger. “The rings are amazing, my God.”; “Your brand is the best! I love watching it grow.”; “die for this ring”; “I’m obsessed with my cock ring.”were some of the messages the publication received.

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